Stories in Stone: an annotated history and guide to the collections and papers of Ernest Westlake (1855-1922)

  • Notebook 2 [Tasmanian Notebook 2: November 1908 - January 1909]

  • September 1908 - June 1910
  • A red notebook with a label pasted on the cover with the numeral 2 written on it. It is 60 pages long and mostly contains interview notes Ernest Westlake made with various non-Aboriginal Tasmanians from shortly after his arrival in Hobart on 13 November 1908 to late January 1909. Ernest Westlake has filled mostly only odd numbered pages from pages 1-25, and both sides for the remainder of the notebook. Pages 4-5 are currently missing from the images attached to this Guide; pages 57-59 [images 29-30] are blank in the original notebook.
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